For Bookstores 

Next Culture Press distributes through:

GVA (Gemeinsame Verlagsauslieferung Göttingen)
Postfach 20 21
37010 Göttingen
Phone +49 551 384200 0
Fax +49 551 384200 10

Your contact persons are Frau Jakobi and Herr Engemann

Please order at

Shipping address e.g. for returning books:

GVA Hauptlager
Anna-Vandenhoeck-Ring 36
37081 Göttingen

All the publishing houses that are delivered by GVA are billed on one invoice. That distinguishes GVA from most other distributors in Germany. As a bookstore you can order book titles from more than 235 publishers together but you only get one invoice, a bundled shipment and you only pay one time for all.

No new distributor – no additional invoice – just order all at the same time.